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For over 80 years, Caterpillar has been much synonymous in constructing the world’s infrastructure and driving positive and sustainable change on every continent. By licensing beyond the core product and services, the essence and lifestyle of Caterpillar are now successfully transfer its images to licensed merchandized that enable the reach toward a whole new audiences for the brand.

The world shaping history of innovation in technology is now applied to personal timekeeping equipment. Caterpillar® Timekeeping Equipment was established and nowit shares its name with the most durable and reliable construction equipment, engines and turbines made in the world.


Caterpillar® Timekeeping series feature functions and designs to meet specific requirement for flexible use that match for your every own style of life. It provides just the right time keeper for you with great emphasis on casual and powerful design of the watch that suggest for “active” – a concept that based upon the assumption to be worn by very active wearers, “rugged” – watches typify kind of strength and ruggedness and “stylish” – illustrating the spirit of the 21st century whereby requirements are increasing and clearly expressed.

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