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FUTUR Collaboration Model


FUTUR was started by Felix Schaper and Benoit Fredonie in July 2014. Coming from two different backgrounds, — one from skateboarding, the other from apparel, FUTUR became a brand focused on polished aesthetics rooted in skateboarding with a high-quality touch.

Face design

Gray translucent color

Back engraving

Band printing

LED light


G-Shock Twilight Blue Series

From the GMA-S110 and GMA-S120 series of compact digital/analog timepieces, introducing new models with blue accents. A gray semitransparent resin band and case combine with a trendy blue face to create a casual and easy-to-style series that matches well with street fashions.

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Full Metal GM-B2100GD – A fresh new look with the gleam of gold

A fresh new look with the gleam of gold

The iconic octagonal shape of the original G-SHOCK now delivered in a full-metal form. Set off with gleaming gold IP,
the slim case offers an exceptionally comfortable fit.
Adorn your wrist with neo-retro flair, a look of classic elegance amid gorgeous, glittering gold.


Gold IP to highlight the exquisite gleam of the metal

Gold IP is applied to key stainless-steel components, from the bezel and band down to the side buttons and screws. The bezel features a circular hairline finish applied to its top surface and lengthwise hairline finishes applied to the raised areas on its sides to add variation to the watch’s finish and complement its form.


Iconic design that stays true to its roots

The watch design captures the essence of the original G-SHOCK vision in a range of ways, from the octagonal form to the shape of the sides. The iconic dimpled portions on the band are reproduced in metal, with separate hairline and mirror finishes applied to enhance the texture of the material. The case back features a screw-lock construction that exudes solidity, just as on the very first G-SHOCK. Enhanced abrasion resistance is provided with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating.

*Due to the screw-lock construction of the case back, the orientation of the logo and lettering on it may not match up perfectly with the dial.


High-performance. slimmer module for ease of use and comfort

Optimised, high-density mounting on the circuit board makes possible a slimmer module, helping the watch to maintain the 2100 line’s familiar sense of size in this slim design. Packed with high-utility, enhanced functionality with the inclusion of Smartphone Link and Tough Solar features, the profile of the GM-B2100GD still offers a comfortable fit on the wrist.


High-precision forging and cutting processes

The stainless-steel bezel is formed through repeated, painstaking processes of forging and cutting. Crafting with an intense focus on producing precise components, even down to the portions that lie out of sight, ensures an even higher precision fit with the case, including detailed finishing of its back surface.


Dial finish achieved with fine processing technology

Dual-layer dial construction is employed to present the inset dial and LCD portion with distinct finishes of their own. With a minute grind-mark finish and vapour deposition applied to the inset dial ring, laser welding used to secure it to the dial, and more, precision die moulding technologies applied by Yamagata Casio deliver an intricate form and meticulously detailed surface finish. In addition, the vapour deposition applied to the dimensional index marks and the indicator hand emphasises the metallic texture for a dial design that complements the watch’s metal exterior.

*Image shows the GM-B2100D-1A.

Full metal shock-resistant structure with precision refinement

Buffering components made of fine resin are installed between the stainless-steel bezel and case to protect the module from shock. Undergoing meticulous processes of forging, cutting, and polishing, the bezel and case are precisely crafted down to the intricately shaped face, and also to the back, which is the key to the precision fit. Additionally, a three-pronged structure is employed for the lugs on the case to disperse shock to the connective part of the band.

*Image shows the GM-B2100D-1A.

Solar-powered timekeeping with Bluetooth® for enhanced accuracy and reliability

Super Illuminator
(high-brightness double LED light)
for maintaining watch readability in the dark

(Watch Functions)

  • Shock-resistant structure
  • 20-bar water resistance
  • Tough Solar (solar powered)
  • Smartphone Link
  • Hand shift feature
  • World time (38 cities)
  • 1/100-second stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • 5 daily alarms
  • Double LED light (Super Illuminator)

*The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Any use of such marks and logos by Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is under licence.

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G-SHOCK Launches Monochromatic Renditions of the GA-2100 and DW-5600 Lines

The new models are equipped with a protective case bumper.

As featured on Hypebeast, 28 Mar 2023

G-SHOCK unveils its Tone-On-Tone Protector Pack, housing muted renditions of the GA-2100 and DW-5600 lines, including the teal GA-2100PT-2A, dark gray GA-2100PT-8A and mustard yellow DW-5600PT-5. Each model is equipped with a protective bumper, a stainless steel component that locks atop the case to prevent damage or scuff marks to the watch crystal and face.


The octagonal GA-2100PT-2A and GA-2100PTS-8A models feature a streamlined band measuring 45.4 millimeters wide. The rectangular DW-5600PT-5 is a slimmer, more compact option for the wrist at 42.8 millimeters. This range inherits the case design and resin strap of the original DW-5000C, released in 1983. Compared to other analog-digital offerings from the GA-2100 line, the Tone-On-Tone models are simplified executions with essential functions: world time in 48 cities, a 1/100-second stopwatch, a countdown timer, five daily alarms, and G-SHOCK’s proprietary Super Illuminator LED. Minor specs distinguish the DW-5600PT-5, notably an EL backlight, a multi-function alarm and a flash alert. Each watch is shock-resistant and features 20-bar water resistance.

As for the overall construction, the monochromatic, matte-finished colorways achieve a relatively minimalist design, and each face protector tonally matches its respective dial color. The dial is protected by mineral glass, while carbon fiber-reinforced fine resin comprises the band and case for extreme durability and shock resistance. For those that prefer the flexibility of the GA-2100’s analog-digital functionality, the hand-shift feature allows you to modify the hands for an unobstructed view of the display.

See each watch in action in the lookbook above, and shop the Tone-On-Tone Protector Pack on G-SHOCK’s website. 



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Brave the Outdoors With G-SHOCK’s Latest GAE-2100WE-3A Limited Box Set

The GAE-2100WE-3A comes equipped with interchangeable camouflage and punchy orange and black bezel sets.

As featured on Hypebeast, 28 Mar 2023

G-SHOCK’s GAE-2100WE-3A has finally dropped. Aptly designed for outdoor sporting and boundless adventurers, the new watches come housed in a limited box set featuring interchangeable accessories. The GAE-2100WE-3A’s shock-resistant structure guards the module, using a carbon-reinforced case for optimal durability. Two sets of bezels and bands come equipped with the new model, including a resin band and bezel decorated with a camouflage print and an orange Cordura cloth band paired with a black resin bezel. Both sets provide mix-and-match versatility and are easily swapped courtesy of the bezel’s screwless design and quick-release band mechanisms.

When worn hiking, camping or motorbiking, the orange band doubles as a safety or search color. Camouflage print is synonymous with utility, and with a carbon-resin material, the new model is sure to stand up to unforgiving terrain. Collectors will notice the GAE-2100WE-3A harkens back to the octagonal shape of the GA-2100, G-SHOCK’s slim and streamlined model measuring 45.4 millimeters wide. However compact, both models boast hard-wearing functionality, no matter the adventure at play. From street to wilderness, the set equips explorers with bold, interchangeable gear offering utilitarian appeal. It’s a casual, lightweight style for those who value the brand’s toughness and reliable capabilities, weighing a mere 51g with a digital time display and analog hands.


The brand’s proprietary carbon core guard structure is present in the new GAE-2100WE-3A, along with notable specs, like five daily alarms, a countdown timer, a 1/100-second stopwatch and a Super Illuminator LED. The model features 20-bar water resistance and provides world time in 48 cities.


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Casiotone – the little keyboard with a big sound

If you’re in the market for your first musical instrument, Casio brings you its brand new mini keyboard – easy to play and perfect for little hands. Casiotone – Casio’s latest addition to its range of mini keyboards brings you the SA Mini keyboard SA-80/81 boasting the classic Casio rich tone at perfect pitch. Who said the best things don’t come in small packages?


Don’t’ worry what musical level you’re at. The Casiotone is designed to help you expand your musical horizons giving you accuracy in pitch, excellent for choral and A Cappella practice. You can also raise or lower the pitch of notes in octaves to cover a wide range of registers and use Transpose to change the pitch of a song. Casio got creative and let you choose from 16 types of scale tuning, including Pure Major and Pure Minor tunings ideal for vocal harmony practice. So now you can experiment with different types of scales and harmonies, expanding your musical knowledge and skills.


This mini keyboard is available in white and lime green for the 32-key model and white and lemon yellow for the 44-key model, apart from black and white. These eye-catching colors add a fun and playful touch to your musical practice. The mini keys are perfect for beginners, and the keyboard is compact, making it easy to take anywhere.


Here’s what you get with Casiotone:

  • 10 Built-in Songs
  • Tempo Adjustment
  • Add reverberation effects to the sounds
  • Best for practicing playing at a constant tempo
  • Sustain continuous sound even after key release


Casiotone – make music anytime, anywhere! Don’t miss our special introductory price of RM559, valid until 30th June, 2023. Visit
 to enjoy this one-time-only offer.