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Metal-Covered G-B001 Series

Published on 5 Mar 2023

New double-bezel Capsule Tough construction featuring playful material combinations


The DW-001 hit the scene in 1994, featuring the Capsule Tough design concept. Casio now introduces a new evolution of the watch driven by leading-edge technologies, featuring the Carbon Core Guard structure, a metal-clad exterior, and Smartphone Link functionality. On top of all this, the detachable urethane bezel provides a playful touch, offering the choice between two bezels — metal or urethane. A reimagined form of Capsule Tough has arrived, maintaining the design of the original while taking on a fresh new character all its own.

Available Exclusively Online from 7 Mar 2023.


Metal-covered Capsule Tough design employing Carbon Core Guard structure

The original Capsule Tough design, which fully enveloped the case in resin to provide a unique shock resistant structure, was introduced with the DW-001 in 1994. Today, a new update to the Capsule Tough design makes the most of the G-SHOCK leading-edge Carbon Core Guard structure. The bezel features a metal-clad design with stainless steel. Furthermore, the bezel and case back employ a dual construction, with metal components covered with urethane to maintain the colourful look of the DW-001 while realising a fresh new Capsule Tough design. This playful combination of different materials makes for a unique appeal.

Interchangeable bezel and band offer an expanded range of customisation options

A translucent bezel and band are included, offering 12 different customisable design combinations. The additional bezel features two-tone moulding in orange and green, and the additional band displays blue gradations. A slide lever makes the parts easily interchangeable.

Double-bezel design offering two different faces to enjoy

The urethane bezel faithfully reproduces the moulded form of the DW-001 with its rounded shapes, punching employed at the 6 o’clock position, and two-tone colour blocks. The metal bezel incorporates slits and is finished with IP and polishing processes. The inclusion of the detachable urethane bezel provides a fun design touch with a choice between faces made of different materials to enjoy.


The original colours of the DW-001 are employed for the urethane bezel: yellow paired with grey. Rainbow IP and an all-over mirror finish are applied to the metal bezel.


Black and translucent two-tone moulding is employed for the urethane bezel. For the metal bezel, silver IP is applied, and each surface is individually polished in a hairline or mirror finish. A red slash pattern is printed on the band’s base colour of black.


The translucent urethane bezel is applied with grey and clear colouration. The metal bezel features gold IP and an all-encompassing mirror finish. Gold vapour deposition is employed for the dial.

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Revived face design constructed with separate components

While inheriting the original face design of the DW-001, the dial and inset dial ring are made separately with individual finishing applied to each component. The LCD lights up with a graphic image of blocks that stack up along with the second readout of the time display.

Urethane band inheriting the iconic design of the original

The new watch inherits the iconic band design of the DW-001, including the wing components on the underside that further enhance the fit. The insert parts that show through the decorative openings near the base of the band have been changed from metal mesh to fine resin to expand the range of colour expression.

Smartphone Link for full functionality at your fingertips

Super Illuminator
for maintaining watch readability in the dark

(high-brightness auto LED backlight)

SPECIFICATIONS (Watch Functions)

  • Shock-resistant structure
  • 20-bar water resistance
  • Smartphone Link
  • World time (38 cities)
  • 1/100-second stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • 5 daily alarms
  • Auto LED backlight (Super Illuminator)

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Utility Cloth Band / Black on Black Series

Available Exclusively Online from 7 Mar 2023 Onwards

Utility Cloth Band Series
Introducing new GM-2100 models with octagonal metal covered designs. Combining metal and cloth creates a tough and casual image with a sophisticated look. The cloth bands come in coloring that makes these models compatible with outdoor fashions.


Black on Black Series
Metal bezels with a black ion-plated (IP) finish create chic and fashionable designs. The base models are the octagon bezel GM-2100 and the big case GM-110 with all-black coloring for a cool design that can match a wide range of fashions and lifestyles.





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Introducing new G-SHOCK brand ambassador ITZY, the five-member South Korean girl group and global hit sensation.


ITZY is a girl group composed of five members — Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna — from JYP Entertainment, which also gave the world TWICE and NiziU. Since ITZY’s February 2019 debut, the group has enjoyed tremendous support from a global fanbase and particularly from teenage girls and women in their twenties in Asian countries.


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The FROGMAN 30th anniversary model

Multicolour carbon bezel evokes look of uniquely colourful frog.


Available Exclusively Online from 10 Feb 2023.

The FROGMAN series, with its iconic frog character, welcomes the second watch created to celebrate the series’ 30th anniversary. Inspired by the poison dart frog, a rare species living in the South American Amazon, this model features a multicolour carbon bezel and polarised fluorine band in a FROGMAN design boasting unique colours, materials, and finishes.

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 4.25.54 PM

Vivid black, orange, and blue interwoven in organic patterns evoke the beautiful colours of the poison dart frog.* The bezel is cut out from a base material of laminated carbon and glass fibres. No two are exactly alike, reflecting the rarity of this frog species. The multicolour design is highlighted by the use of similar colours on the dial and clear resin for bezel components.

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 4.26.34 PM

The band is coated with a polarised spray to create the look of the poison dart frog. The polarised paint changes colours depending on the light and angle from which it is viewed. Made from fluoroelastomer, the band is highly stain resistant and able to withstand exposure to humidity.


Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 5.34.08 PM

The watch is engraved with the iconic frog character, reimagined for this model as a poison dart frog. This playful design celebrates the 30th anniversary of the FROGMAN line.

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Yellow Accent Series – Master Of G

Available Exclusively Online from 10 Feb 2023.

From G-SHOCK MASTER OF G, timepieces that support those who stand up to the challenges of the harsh natural environment, comes a pair of new models with strong designs accented with emergency yellow coloring.



The triple-sensor GW-9400Y RANGEMAN model has three sensors for altitude, direction, and barometric pressure and temperature measurement. The button guard cylinder structure of the sensor button enables smooth, error-free operation. Pressing the sensor button displays the sensor mode you last used, while three notification sound levels help to ensure simple, intuitive operation.



The case of the GG-B100Y MUDMASTER model is made using highly rigid carbon material that resists damage and deformation, and ensures high levels of air tightness and impact resistance. This model also has filters to prevent mud from entering the case, a stainless steel back panel, and a back cover made of shock-resistant fine resin reinforced with glass fibers. The bezel is also formed of three layers of carbon fiber-reinforced fine resin.


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Available Exclusively Online from 10 Feb 2023.

Sparkling mineral-inspired watches in shapes
and colours to thrill the adventurer’s heart


The G-SHOCK spirit of supporting and guiding all who take on challenges is now expressed in the motif of minerals,
featuring stones that have been used as guideposts for adventurers since the Middle Ages.
The metal-covered base model is crafted using forging and processing technologies like IP finishing,
gaining a rough stony texture and multicolour sparkle.
These special watches are brimming with the spirit of adventure
— perfect for the G-SHOCK’s anniversary.

Three minerals with adventure energy


Stones whose light-refracting properties were used to determine the position of the sun have served as both guideposts and protective charms for adventurers on the high seas. Sunstone, calcite, and cordierite, popular as energetic minerals, have symbolic meanings that give adventurers courage.


Sunstone:Bringing about victory
Calcite:Leading onward to success
Cordierite:Showing the way

Special design features to celebrate the 40th anniversary of G-SHOCK


An anniversary logo is engraved on the case back, while the band loop is laser-engraved with four stars and the words “SINCE 1983.” Made with recycled materials, the specially designed eco-friendly packaging is shaped like the G in G-SHOCK.

GM-5640GEM × Sunstone

Sunstone’s multicolour shine, which changes depending on the viewing angle, is replicated in the forged, rainbow-colour bezel. The translucent grey band brings out the texture of the metal.

Bezel – Forging + 2-colour IP (rainbow + black)
Band – Translucent grey
Dial – Black printed

GM-2140GEM × Cordierite

The beautiful blue face of cordierite is expressed in the forged and IP-finished bezel and a mixed-colour moulded resin band. The polarised vapour deposition on the face gives off a different shine depending on the viewing angle.

Bezel – Forging + IP (blue)
Band – Garal colour moulding (blue + black)
Dial – Polarised blue vapour deposition

GM-114GEM × Calcite

The metal bezel is forged and ion plated with gold and black to represent calcite’s base ore. Hot-stamping gives the band its uneven texture.

Bezel – Forging + 2-colour IP (gold + black)
Band – Black + hot-stamping
Dial – Gold vapour deposition

GM-S5640GEM × Calcite

Laser engraving is layered with rainbow IP on the metal bezel to recreate calcite’s crystalline pattern and its gorgeous refracted-light glow. The dial and band are decorated with the same pattern.

Bezel – Laser engraved + IP (rainbow)
Band – Translucent white + hot-stamping
Dial – Rainbow printed

GM-S2140GEM × Calcite

The clear yellow of some calcite is replicated in the forged form and gold IP of the metal bezel, while vapour deposition gives the dial a similar colour. The white band complements the gold-coloured face.

Bezel – Forging + IP (gold)
Band – White
Dial – Gold vapour deposition

GM-S114GEM × Calcite

The metal bezel with a forged form evokes the mineral’s raw texture, finished with layered purple and grey IP. Hot-stamping gives the band its uneven texture, while purple vapour deposition gives the dial’s parts a rich lustre.

Bezel – Forging + 2-colour IP (purple + grey)
Band – Black + hot-stamping
Dial – Purple vapour deposition



  • Shock-resistant structure
  • 20-bar water resistance
  • Hand shift feature
  • World time (48 cities)
  • 1/100-second stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • 5 daily alarms
  • Double LED light (Super Illuminator)


  • Shock-resistant structure
  • ISO 764-compliant magnetic resistance
  • 20-bar water resistance
  • World time (48 cities)
  • 1/100-second stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • 5 daily alarms
  • Auto LED light (Super Illuminator)


  • Shock-resistant structure
  • 20-bar water resistance
  • 1/100-second stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • Multi-function alarm
  • EL backlight
  • Flash alert


  • Shock-resistant structure
  • 20-bar water resistance
  • Hand shift feature
  • World time (48 cities)
  • 1/100-second stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • 5 daily alarms
  • Double LED light (Super Illuminator)